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AeroSeal Re-manufactured Charge-Air Coolers


Fleet Air uses a special proprietary system designed for NASA to remanufacture charge-air coolers that exceed new OEM specifications with a zero leak tolerance that no one can match. We have the capability to remanufacture charge-air coolers for many types of applications including motor sports, earthmoving equipment, farm and marine applications. Although the application listings are more heavy duty truck applications, please feel free to call us for a quote on your unique needs.


Yes, it can be rebuilt. And, rebuilt to last!

Fleet Air Technologies, Inc. has the advanced technology to completely remanufacture charge-air coolers for many applications to a better than new condition. Our process is approved by NASA and is much different than you will find from a radiator shop. Each AeroSeal charge-air cooler remanufactured by Fleet Air goes through a very thorough process that includes:


 - Initial Inspection

 - Burn-out at 800 degrees for cleaning

 - Chemical wash & internal flush

 - Second inspection and welding preparation

 - Welding of all stress points and any necessary bracket repair

 - Special oven bake process to reseal tube to header joints

 - Pressure tested under water

 - Fin reconstruction process

 - Top & bottom plate expansion joints cut

 - Apply powder-coat paint & final inspection








        Pressure Tested to Meet a "0" Leak Tolerance - and Guaranteed for One Year!




















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