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Care and Service of Charge Air Coolers


The secret to gaining the maximum life from your charge-air-cooler is very simple:


    - Keep the exterior and interior clean so not to obstruct airflow. This is especially true in areas where corrosion is a factor.

    - Periodically test the unit for leaks. If leaks are found, have them repaired.

    - Ensure that the unit is properly mounted to minimize damage from vibration.

The following sections will provide simple instructions of how to properly clean your charge-air-cooler. It is recommended that the procedures described in this section be performed on a regular basis at least twice annually. Please follow them to help extend the life of your cooler. If you have any needs or questions, please contact our technical department at 800.398.5471. We will be happy to assist you.


Exterior Cleaning


It is very important that the unit be cleaned of any obstructions to the airflow components of the unit. This can include leaves, dirt and other debris such as paper products.


According to the TMC, the best method of debris removal is at a reputable repair facility by a knowledgeable technician. Here, the charge-air-cooler is removed from the vehicle and cleaned thoroughly. Recommended cleaning equipment includes: a boil-out vat, an ultrasonic cleaner, a steam cleaner, a high-pressure washer or combination of the above.


We realize that the charge-air-cooler cannot always be removed from the vehicle for cleaning. In this case, components should be steam cleaned or power washed with hot water in the reverse direction of normal air flow, using a mild dishwasher detergent. When using chemical cleaners, it is important that the unit be rinsed thoroughly with water to remove all residual traces to minimize corrosion.


In those areas where potential corrosion is prevalent from road salt or seawater, the unit should be washed more often with water.


Interior Cleaning


Sometimes, debris can get inside the charge-air-cooler. This can be caused by a defective turbocharger. In this case, the unit must be removed from the vehicle.


The most effective way to clean the interior is very simple. Run water through the intake tube with a mild detergent; lay the unit down on it’s side with the tubes in an upright position for 1-2 hours, and flush with clean water.


How to Inspect for Proper Mounting


The proper mounting of a charge-air-cooler is extremely important to it’s overall service life. Technicians should routinely check for looseness in the mounting brackets that can permit excessive vibration and shock loads. Rubber mounting isolators, grommets and rebound springs can deteriorate, weaken and break. They should be replaced if in a doubtful condition.


How to Inspect for Component Structural Integrity


The charge-air-cooler should be checked during each scheduled PM service. Inspections for cracks or breaks in the tanks and core, especially at the point where the tanks are welded to the header plates, and the mounting brackets are critical.


It is also very important that the unit be tested for leaks. Fleet Air Technologies, Inc. has designed test equipment where the charge-air-cooler can be tested for leaks on the vehicle quickly, safely, and effectively. For more information on this equipment, please refer to “Products – Test Equipment.”


*Some information in this section taken from the TMC (American Trucking Association) manual on Recommended Maintenance and Practices.



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