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Additional Products and Services: A/C Condensors - Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning - Hoses & Clamps - Radiators.

Recent News

05/2013 - Used and refurbished 8.25 x 22.5 rims are now

available.  Call us for more information.


03/2013 - Fleet Air now offers an extended warranty program for our new Charge Air Coolers. Call us today for more details.


02/2013 - Approved to bid on government military contracts.


01/2013 - We  recently extended our contract with AmeriQuest/NationaLease. NationaLease is a broker for independent fleets, and helps the fleets to obtain services and parts at lower prices. Fleet Air is an approved vendor until 2015 and have partnered with them since 2005! If you are a NationaLease/AmeriQuest affiliated company, please visit their website at:


01/2013 - DPF Filter Cleaning - Run Clean. Run Efficient. Save Money!


01/2012 - Fleet Air Technologies loves saving our customers money, so we now are applying our CAC technology to repairing all aluminum A/C condensers. Why buy a new one, when you can have yours rebuilt for half the price?


2011 - Our Aeroseal Charge Air Coolers are warranted for two full years, with a Zero Leak tolerance guarantee! See the warranty tab on our website for more  information.



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