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Test Equipment


Fleet Air Technologies, Inc. has developed a very efficient high quality test  equipment package that can be used to test your charge-air cooler for leaks  without removing it from the truck.  It  meets all safety standards, and will be very competitively priced.  We expect stock availability during the  fourth quarter of this year. To get more information on this item, please feel  free to contact our technical department.


To ensure the efficiency of your charge-air-cooler, it is a good practice to periodically test the unit for leaks. Many fleets usually don’t even test for leaks unless it’s obvious that the unit is leaking. Some of those that do have homemade units that can be very dangerous because of the pressures that the charge-air-cooler puts out during a test. In our efforts to serve the trucking industry, our engineers have developed a on-the-truck test equipment package that is safe, reliable, and easy to use. The design has been approved, and we are in the process of finding a manufacturer to produce the final product. We will inform you when this test kit becomes available to order.





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