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Turbox Max... New Core Technology Charge-Air Coolers


There are on-going changes to diesel engines to improve efficiency. These changes are creating higher operating temperatures and pressures, which made it difficult for the OEM coolers to withstand.  We have recognized this, and have switched from the OEM core suppliers to one that will custom build cores to meet these higher temperatures and pressures, and are already capable of handling known future engine changes.  We now have a large inventory of new core charge-air coolers using these cores.  Just check for your model number and give us a call.


We are proud to introduce a new-core charge-air cooler that is constructed with the performance and durability to exceed expectations for most truck and off-road applications.


It Provides:


Maximum Efficiency – With an extruded tube design to minimize pressure drop that helps to consistently maintain maximum engine operating power.


Maximum Durability – To stand up against heat, vibration, pressure and corrosion providing more dependability and extended  use.


Maximum Cooling – For more horsepower and better fuel efficiency. In addition, all Turbo-Max charge-air coolers incorporate our guaranteed       “N0 Leak” Technology that will reduce exhaust heat by more than 75% over all OEM charge-air coolers.


2 Year Warranty – We back each Turbo-Max charge-air cooler for two years!


Top Plate – Heavier duty plate with expansion joints to relieve stress and prevent plate separation from the header plate.


Tube Fins – 4.2 fins per inch and alternated . Designed to break up boundary layer of air for more efficient thermal performance.


Header Plate – Special brazing process to stop leakage and eliminate the need for grommets and internal/external sealers.


Materials – All materials are premium grade, corrosion resistant and stronger than other CAC cores.

    - Pressure tested to 560 psi

    - Pressure cycle fatigue tested to 1 million milicycles.



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