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AeroSeal and Turbo-Max Limited Warranty


All charge-air coolers (air-to-air coolers, after-coolers) manufactured by Fleet Air Technologies, Inc. and bearing the proper identification are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, regardless of mileage, for the period stated for the specific unit as shown below:


Remanufactured Charge-Air Cooler: 2 year

Turbo-Max – New Core Charge-Air Cooler: 5 years


Specific “0 Leak” Coverage:

Any charge-air cooler listed above failing to deliver satisfactory service due to air leakage within the heat exchanger will be reconditioned or replaced at no charge for a period as stated above, from the date purchased, regardless of vehicle mileage. In order to Quantify “Leak Free,” the Definition shall be, “when tested at 20 PSI, a Fleet Air Brand Charge-Air Cooler will not lose more than 1 PSI in 15 seconds.”



This warranty does not cover charge-air coolers, which fail to meet the above conditions due to the following causes:


      - Vehicle damage

      - Incorrect or improper mounting

      - Damage caused by engine modification or turbocharger failure

      - Damage caused by abuse, neglect, collision, fire, vandalism, or chemical corrosion.


Purchaser’s sole remedy for breach of this warranty, exclusive of all other remedies provided by law, shall be limited to repair or replacement of charge-air cooler which shall, within the specified period from date of purchase, be returned to the place of original purchase or to the Warranty Department of Fleet Air Technologies, Inc., with all transportation expenses prepaid by the purchaser (these charges will be refunded if the charge-air cooler is found to be defective), and which the examination by Fleet Air Technologies, Inc., or its designated agent, shall disclose to have been defective.


Purchaser’s remedy does not include reimbursement for any expenses incurred for labor or material charges incident to the replacement, removal, or installation of any charge-air cooler or component part, towing charges, rental of replacement vehicle, injuries to persons or property and any other special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages. An original purchase receipt is required to file a warranty claim


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